How Can Physical Therapy Help You?

If you have chronic back, arm, shoulder, or leg pain that even medication can’t alleviate, your doctor may recommend an alternative: physical therapy. That’s because physical therapy can not only help relieve the symptoms of your injury or medical condition, but it also can return you to your prior level of physical functioning.

Here are no less than 10 ways that physical therapy can help you:

  1. By reducing or eliminating your pain. Any type of hands-on therapy or treatments including ultrasound and electrical stimulation can be effective in relieving pain and restoring muscle and joint function to reduce low back pain and prevent pain from returning.
  2. By avoiding the need for surgery. If physical therapy eliminates your pain or heals an injury, then surgery won’t be necessary. But even if it is, you may benefit from pre-surgery or post-surgery physical therapy as it will enable you to recover more swiftly.
  3. By improving your mobility. Stretching and strengthening exercises help restore your ability to stand, walk or move.
  4. By helping you recover from a stroke. Stroke victims commonly lose some degree of function and movement. Physical therapy helps them strengthen weakened parts of the body, regain their balance, and improve their ability to walk.
  5. By enabling you to recover from or prevent a sports injury. Physical therapists have an understanding of the effects different sports have on the body and the risks associated with specific types of injuries. With that knowledge, they can design an appropriate recovery or prevention exercise program for you.
  6. By improving your balance and preventing falls. Your physical therapist will assess your risk of falls and provide exercises designed to improve your coordination.
  7. By managing diabetes and vascular conditions. If you have either of these conditions, your physical therapist will create a management plan with the right combination of aerobic and strengthening exercises that can help control your blood sugar.
  8. By managing age-related issues. If you have developed arthritis or osteoporosis with age, or if you need a joint replacement, your physical therapist can fit you with the correct walking device to keep you more mobile.
  9. By managing heart and lung disease. After a heart attack, most patients undergo complete cardiac rehabilitation. However, physical therapy may also be necessary if your daily functioning is affected.
  10. By helping your child manage a painful injury or medical condition. If your child is recovering from surgery or has neurological issues such as cerebral palsy, physical therapy can help him or her reduce or eliminate pain and improve their fine motor skills.

Regardless of your age, if you are suffering from an accident, a sports injury, or any other musculoskeletal condition, the orthopedic physicians and physical therapists at OrthoUnited in North Canton, Ohio, can help diagnose your injury and provide treatments to reduce or eliminate your pain. Call (844) 469-2663 for an appointment today.