What to Look for When Choosing An Orthopedic Surgery Center

Choosing an orthopedic surgery center to perform your surgery can be a harrowing task. Your orthopedic surgery center will not only diagnose your condition, recommend the right surgery, and perform your surgery but will also be your emotional support before, during, and after your procedure.

This is a very important decision that requires time, thought, and careful evaluation. Do your research before picking the orthopedic surgery center you should go with. Here are some things to look out for when choosing the right orthopedic surgery center for you.

Board-Certified Physicians and Surgeons

The American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery certifies orthopedic surgeons who follow a set of standards and use ethical and safe practices. When choosing an orthopedic surgery center, make sure to check if the surgeons and physicians at the facility are board-certified. This will ensure you are getting safe, effective, and quality care.

Post-Surgery Therapies

Orthopedic surgery is not a magic trick that will completely fix your orthopedic issue with a flick of a wand. It requires rehabilitation and therapy after the procedure to strengthen your body and restore proper function. A quality orthopedic surgery center will offer therapy after your surgery to help you recover as quickly and effectively as possible.

There are two types of therapies that quality orthopedic surgery centers offer:

  • Occupational therapy involves improving a patient’s ability to perform daily tasks required for independent living. This can also include focus on the patient’s job. For example, if a patient works in an office and undergoes wrist surgery, an occupational therapist can help the patient perform office tasks so the patient can return to the office and take part in his or her regular activities as soon as possible.
  • Physical therapy involves improving a patient’s ability to perform movements. Let’s say a person got a knee placement surgery. Physical therapy after the procedure will focus on restoring full function of the knee by working to improve flexibility, range of motion, and strength.

Both types of therapies can be essential for fast recovery after orthopedic surgery and a quality orthopedic surgery center will have these resources available to patients.

Experience and Expertise in Your Specific Condition

Not all orthopedic surgery centers are equal in terms of the expertise and services they offer. The right orthopedic surgery center will have expertise and experience in your specific orthopedic problem and offer the best treatments available for it, including surgical procedures. Some orthopedic surgery centers specialize in particular types of orthopedic conditions such as sports-related orthopedic problems or those affecting only the upper extremities (shoulder, arm, wrist, and hand). Before selecting the right orthopedics surgery center for you, evaluate whether it specializes in the type of condition you have.

Emergency Services

Another thing to look out for when choosing an orthopedic surgery center is if they offer emergency orthopedic care services.

Let’s say after your surgery, you experience unexpected complications and need urgent care. Or you hurt yourself soon after your surgery and need to get it checked out. Going to the emergency room or a regular urgent care center is an option but they will likely not have the orthopedic expertise to completely evaluate and treat your condition. Additionally, they will not have your medical history on file for reference. An orthopedic surgery center that offers urgent orthopedic care can take care of your orthopedic emergency immediately and will have the expertise necessary and your medical history to correctly diagnose and treat you.

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