Falling in the Fall: Common Fall Injuries

About one in five falls results in a fracture, or broken bone. This type of injury should be treated by an orthopaedic specialist to avoid the possibility of a misdiagnosis or incorrect treatment resulting in reduced function. Fractures might be acutely painful, or could be slight and gradually become more painful; it’s important to have diagnostic imaging to diagnose a fracture.

Head injuries are also a common falling injury. Striking the head into the floor, ground, a staircase, table, or other hard object can result in a concussion, or worse. Adults age 65 and up are at risk for fatal falls, often as a result of head injuries.

Of course, falls can cause bruises, lacerations, and sprains, too. These are most common from a fall down the stairs, on the sidewalk, or on a wet floor in a store or bathroom. More serious falls that can result in fatal injuries often happen at work, especially when the worker has to be more than 15’ above the ground. That is one of the factors insurance companies use to determine the rate for an employer’s worker’s compensation policy.

Worldwide, falls are the second greatest cause of unnatural deaths, with the number one cause being automotive accidents. There are many potentially dangerous situations at home and work where you could fall. Be especially careful as we approach the season where you will encounter ice in parking lots and sidewalks. Also, when cleaning leaves out of the gutter or hanging Christmas lights, be sure to follow all safety protocol to avoid slips and falls.

If you are injured in a fall, make sure to see a specialist in musculoskeletal injuries. OrthoUnited in North Canton, Ohio has some of the most skilled orthopedic surgeons in the state, and the latest in diagnostics to ensure prompt care. Call (844) 469-2663 for an appointment today.