The Benefits of in-house Physical Therapy (PT)

Good doctors recognize the benefits of physical therapy following an injury, illness, surgery, or accident. Physical therapy can help to relieve pain, strengthen and condition muscles and connective tissues, increase your overall fitness, and help you heal faster. Physical therapy can also improve your range of motion and overall quality of life. The benefits of physical therapy, especially when combined with advanced medical practices, are many. They are even greater when your physical therapist is working in-house, literally a few steps away from your orthopedic surgeon.

Why is an In-House Physical Therapy Practice Such a Good Idea?

Besides the obvious convenience of offering a one-stop-shopping medical experience, having physical therapy onsite promotes patient-centered care. Studies have consistently shown that multi-disciplinary medical teams improve patient outcomes in both the short and long term. That just makes sense because communication is automatically going to be improved simply by being in the same location.

Physical therapists can consult with the doctors and vice versa. If a member of your medical team notices something, they do not have to send an email or wade through a ton of red tape to discuss your case. Discussions are in real time, face to face. Physical therapists and other team members can be more responsive, acting immediately on items of concern, as well as discussing what works and what does not on a day-to-day basis.

Cohesive medical teamwork with clear channels of communication reduces the rate of complications, increases patient safety, and improves overall patient care. At OrthoUnited, we understand how a team approach can help patients heal faster, experience greater support, and have a more positive experience. Besides on-site physical therapy, we are proud to offer other sophisticated amenities such as a state-of-the-art surgical center, a short bore, full body MRI, and orthopedic Express Care to treat acute conditions before they become worse.

Our team of top-rated orthopedic surgeons offer highly skilled, personalized care that is built around your real-world needs and jam-packed schedule. Whether you need exceptional physical therapy from our outstanding PT’s, occupational or hand therapy, or are simply looking for the advanced orthopedic care you deserve, we have you covered.

If you, or someone you care for needs orthopedic care or requires physical therapy, or to find out more about our well-appointed, sophisticated on-site services, please call OrthoUnited today at (844) 469-2663 or request an appointment online. At OrthoUnited, our focus is solely on caring about you.