Should I Have a full Body MRI?

Has your doctor ordered a full body MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)? If you are wondering why you would need one, the answer will often depend on what your doctor is trying to look for. Good medicine starts with good questions. Why is the patient experiencing this symptom or that one? In order to gain a clear look at what is going on, doctors turn to highly sophisticated tests such as MRI’s to peep beneath the surface of your body.

An MRI uses a powerful magnetic field combined with specific radio frequencies to create detailed images of internal body structures with the aid of a sophisticated computing system. Doctors order full body MRI’s for many reasons. MRI’s can detect abnormalities, cancerous and noncancerous growths, damaged tissues and more. They can also help your doctor gain a better understanding of your joints, cartilage, bone, and soft tissues in a way that other tests cannot.

A Full Body MRI can Help You Get the Treatment You Need

At OrthoUnited in North Canton, we understand that superior tests and imaging can provide better answers. That’s why we proudly offer the sophisticated 1.5T MAGNETOM Aera MRI system on-site. This full body scanning MRI delivers exceptionally high quality images. With an open design and extremely fast imaging and processing, patients are more likely to feel both comfortable and calm, while getting superior imaging results.

The Aera MRI system allows whole body imaging at high speeds, allowing your doctor to more precisely pinpoint areas of concern. This is especially helpful when the patient has suffered a traumatic injury as it can spot micro-injuries to anatomical structures that otherwise might be overlooked.

Full Body MRI Scans Offer

  • Non-invasive, yet extremely accurate imaging
  • Highly detailed images of soft tissues such as ligaments and blood vessels
  • Diagnosis and monitoring of injuries and conditions
  • Can be performed on an outpatient basis
  • Contrast dyes can be used when required to help image targeted areas

If your doctor has advised you that you need a full body MRI, rest assured there is a good reason. An MRI exam is a safe, painless, fast, and highly accurate test that helps your doctor treat your condition more effectively.

If you, or someone you care for needs a full body MRI, or to find out more about our well-appointed, sophisticated on-site services, please call OrthoUnited today at (844) 469-2663 or request an appointment online. At OrthoUnited, we care about you.