OASIS Surgical Center

Orthopaedic Ambulatory Surgical Intervention Services, Inc. opened the first OASIS Surgical Center in 1999 and is focused on outpatient orthopaedic procedures. OASIS was the first independent orthopaedic surgery center in Stark County. The board-certified and fellowship-trained specialty physicians, along with our staff are dedicated to delivering the best patient-focused surgical care possible.

OASIS is a state-of-the-art outpatient surgery center. The 38,000 square-foot facility has six operating rooms and two pain management procedure rooms.

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OASIS works to provide the best surgical experience possible. With our attention to quality and specified orthopaedic services, OASIS excels when it comes to clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. OASIS does not have the challenge of operating 24/7 and needing to handle any type of illness or emergency that may arise. Orthopaedic care is our only focus. With the highest-quality sterilization process in place, our infection rate at OASIS is 0.02%. This allows our patients to heal quickly without complication. If you are planning for an upcoming surgery and your OrthoUnited physician says that you are qualified for the OASIS surgery center, it is well worth the consideration as our integrated teams provide value that cannot be matched.


Private Orthopaedic Recovery Suites

Our North Canton orthopedic surgery recovery suites are furnished to bring you away from the impersonal hospital feeling and back into the comfort of your own home. We surround you with a peaceful setting to put your mind at ease and allow you to focus solely on your body’s recuperation and rehabilitation while we take care of the rest.


Patient Focused Care

You’ll receive compassionate care from our attentive staff to help make your stay as comfortable as it can be. We provide post-op physical therapy right here in the same facility, and we’ll send you home with clear instructions on home post-op care. We do everything to ensure you have the best experience possible at OrthoUnited.

Explore comprehensive, on-site surgical options


Orthopaedic Surgery

Whether you have a broken bone, you need a hip or knee replacement, or you require spine surgery, our orthopaedic surgeons are experienced in the latest advances in minimally invasive procedures that will correct the issue and help you feel like yourself again.

Total Joint Replacement

When your joint pain is keeping you from the things in life that matter, choose total joint replacement surgery at our in-house award-winning surgical center to restore movement and function.



At OrthoUnited, our surgeons are experts at performing minimally-invasive arthroscopic surgery to diagnose and repair injuries and conditions affecting the joints, including the shoulder, elbow, knee, wrist, and ankle.

Fractures & Dislocations Surgery

Simple fractures may call for only casting or splinting, while more complex injuries may require surgical intervention. Whatever your injury, rest assured that the experienced orthopaedic surgeons at OrthoUnited can put you on the road to recovery.


What to expect before & after surgery

Before Surgery

  • Lifestyle Interventions - Before scheduling your surgery, we will discuss any lifestyle interventions that may be necessary to reduce your risk of complications as well as improve your surgical outcomes.
  • Health History - Once you are scheduled for surgery, one of our nurse educators will call you to complete a detailed health history assessment and to schedule your education session.
  • Patient Education - We host group classes about one week before your procedure to present the details about your surgery and outline your process for recovery. While you’re enjoying your catered lunch, we will explain everything you need to know about your procedure, including pre-op instructions, post-operative care, and what to expect during your stay if you are scheduled to stay at one of our surgical suites.
  • Prep with the Anesthesiologist - You will also be scheduled for an appointment with an anesthesiologist to discuss your medical history, complete a basic airway assessment, and plan the anesthesia to be used the day of surgery.

After Surgery

  • Recovery Time - If you are going home on the same day as your surgery, you will be given the minimal amount of anesthesia necessary to keep you comfortable, yet allow you to easily recover from the anesthetic. Five hours after your surgery, you will be offered assistance by our medical staff to help you out of bed so you can walk.
  • Arriving Home - Your support person(s) will be instructed on what to expect after you arrive back home. We will schedule your physical therapy session for the day after your surgery before you leave.
  • Rest and Therapy - Rest and therapeutic exercises, along with closely following any other postoperative instructions, are the best ingredients for full recuperation.
Therapist helping patient in wheelchair with therapy on his knee and ankle

Meet Our Orthopaedic Specialists

Meet our 35+ musculoskeletal specialists. The surgeons in this group have been living, serving, volunteering, coaching, mentoring, and providing high-quality, state-of-the-art care to the Canton area and surrounding communities for over 35 years.

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