Patient Spotlight: Tammy Wile

Tammy Wile had been living with severe knee pain for five years before deciding to have surgery at OrthoUnited. She couldn’t walk straight, go up and down the stairs without assistance, or even go to the grocery store because of her pain. She had been seeing a rheumatologist who was administering medications, injections, and physical therapy, but it just wasn’t enough. After suffering for so long, she decided to make an appointment with us.

When Dr. Marshall told Tammy she would need to undergo double knee replacement surgery, she was definitely feeling scared and intimidated by such a major surgery that you might expect to require a long post-op recovery. However, Tammy was pleasantly surprised to find out that outpatient surgery was possible at OrthoUnited with our outpatient total joint replacement services.

Why Tammy Chose OrthoUnited

Tammy chose OrthoUnited on her own, and was referred to Dr. Dean Marshall who specializes in hip and knee surgery. Dr. Marshall’s expertise is in minimally invasive direct anterior (DA) hip replacement, partial (unicompartmental) knee replacement, and same-day joint replacement surgery.

Life After Surgery

After her double knee replacement surgery, Tammy was able to start the recovery process in the comfort of her own home. She was up and walking down the hallway in no time, and now feels so much relief. Her family and friends are inspired by her outcome, as they have seen her live with pain for years and now see her enjoying a comfortable, pain-free life with her new knees!

When Is It Time for Knee Surgery?

When you’re like Tammy and have been living with knee pain, it could be time to consider knee replacement surgery. If you’re finding it difficult or painful to go up and down stairs or walk, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced doctors to determine the right path to recovery. Contact us to request an appointment today!