Outpatient Total Joint Replacement

Trust the experts at OrthoUnited for your outpatient total joint replacement. With our orthopaedic solutions using minimally invasive techniques and advanced technology, you can start the recovery process in the comfort of your own home just hours after surgery.

Why Same-Day Total Joint Replacement?

For some patients who meet health and insurance requirements, joint replacement surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis at one of our world class orthopaedic surgical centers. Total hip replacement and total or partial knee replacements can be completed with patients going home just hours after surgery, with no hospital stay.

OrthoUnited surgeons can replace a damaged joint with an artificial joint called a prosthesis. Made of metal alloys and high-grade plastics (which are intended to mimic the function of bone and cartilage, respectively), the prosthesis is designed to move just like a healthy human joint.

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The physician utilizes minimally invasive surgery (MIS) which uses specialized techniques and instrumentation that enable them to perform major surgery without a large incision, which potentially causes less trauma to the soft tissues and a faster recovery time. Many patients return to their normal activities within 2 to 4 weeks, as opposed to 2 to 3 months following traditional hip or knee replacement surgery.

Other benefits of minimally invasive outpatient hip and knee replacement include:

  • Ability to recover in the comfort of your own home, thereby eliminating the risk of hospital-acquired infections
  • Smaller incisions, which result in:
  • Less pain and swelling
  • Decreased scarring
  • Faster recovery
  • Minimal blood loss during surgery and reduced risk of complications
  • Less damage to surrounding tissues
  • Increased range of motion after surgery
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Is Same-Day Joint Replacement Surgery Right for You?

You may be a candidate for same-day joint replacement surgery if:

  • You are active and in good health, with no major medical conditions (heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, uncontrolled diabetes, etc.)
  • You have a strong support system at home, with family or friends who are willing to assist in your recovery.
  • You are committed to your physical therapy care plan and willing to do what it takes to recover at home.

Our goal is excellence. We are committed to providing exceptional, safe, high-quality care before, during, and after your surgery. Talk with one of our surgeons to find out if total knee replacement or total hip replacement surgery is right for you.

World Class Orthopaedic Surgical Centers

OrthoUnited has two world class surgical centers that met the highest standards set forth by The Joint Commission. Chose one of our orthopaedic surgical centers for your same-day total joint replacement to be cared for by a dedicated staff sees ONLY orthopedic patients and minimize your risk of infection from a hospital stay.


Prior to your outpatient hip or knee replacement, your orthopedic surgeon will explain how the surgery will be performed, while the surgery center staff will explain how to prepare for surgery, what happens when you arrive for your procedure, and what to expect as you recover at home.

You and your support people, such as your spouse, will meet with the anesthesia team and on-site physical therapists who will:

  • Provide you with detailed instructions in pre-operative cleansing, ambulation with a walker, and post-operative physical therapy.
  • Discuss the type of anesthesia you will receive and give you medications or prescriptions to be filled in advance of the surgery.


A physical therapist will have you on your feet within hours of your same-day hip or knee replacement. Once your vital signs are stable and you can tolerate a regular diet and maintain adequate pain control with oral pain medication, you will be discharged to go home.

  • Physical therapy after knee replacement surgery: You will go home with a sequential compression device and begin outpatient physical therapy the next day, where you will receive a customized, accelerated rehabilitation program to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.
  • Physical therapy after hip replacement surgery: Many of our hip replacement patients do not need outpatient physical therapy. Your doctor will provide instructions at discharge regarding rehabilitation.

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Our Patients Say It Best

“First appointment for knee issue. From my initial call through seeing the doctor, everyone has been great. Staff is very pleasant and professional, and the exam was thorough and unhurried. Feel confident they will be able to address my problem. We are fortunate to have a facility of this caliber in Stark County. ”
-Susan B
“I cannot say enough about Dr. Pentz and his staff. He has given me injections to help my knee pain. He is a kind caring doctor that I would recommend for any orthopaedic problems.”
“Everyone is so nice and never have to wait long to be seen. Highly recommend!”
“Hardly any wait time. All questions answered. I didn't feel rushed through. I really like Omni (now OrthoUnited) and I've seen several of the physicians there. I recommend.”
-Bart B.

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