What are the Benefits of Orthopedic Express Care

When serious injuries occur, there’s no time to waste. Rather than waiting days or weeks to be seen by your doctor or rushing to the emergency room only to be referred back to your orthopedist, why not consider an orthopedic Express Care? Whether your injury was suffered on-the-job, at home, or on the playing field, being seen at an orthopedic Express Care can be a very cost-effective, convenient and appropriate solution to your injury. Still not convinced? Here are some of the many the many benefits of an orthopedic care center.

Safety and Priority

Anyone who has visited an emergency room, especially in highly populated or metropolitan areas, knows they can be filled with contagious germs, especially during flu season. Plus, ERs rightfully prioritize the most urgent cases – those involving life and limb – before those cases that are deemed non-life-threatening. While you may feel like you could lose a limb from pain, chances are the ER won’t get to you as quickly as you would hope. At an orthopedic Express Care, non-life threatening orthopedic emergencies are the number one priority, which puts you and your sprained ankle or dislocated shoulder in the front of the line.

Dedicated Specialists

While visiting an urgent care center is a great option for sickness and pain, that same general medicine urgent care center or primary care doctor may not be equipped or staffed to treat the unique injuries and conditions that are specific to orthopedics. Plus, ER and primary care doctors may not be as well-versed as an Express Care orthopedist, and the last thing you need is a misdiagnosis or a “quick fix” only to be referred back to your orthopedist. In fact, you can revisit your Express Care orthopedist for follow-on visits.

Proper Diagnosis

Orthopedic doctors and surgeons have specific training in the function and form of human bones, muscles and joints. They’re also well versed in injuries to these structures and are better prepared to diagnose and provide treatment than a general practitioner or ER doctor. If you visit an orthopedic Express Care, you’ll receive a diagnosis via on-site imaging such as X-rays, and treatment in the same day. Orthopedic urgent care clinics can also oversee recovery and will follow-up with your primary care provider.


Visits to the ER – even for something as seemingly mundane and a sprain – too often result in surprisingly high medical bills – and not just from the doctor who attended to you! You may receive separate bills from the X-ray specialist, the pain specialist, and for supplies such as wraps and crutches. Plus, depending on the injury, you may be referred back to your personal orthopedist. Express Care orthopedic centers are designed to reduce the costs exponentially, and, depending on your insurance, may only require a co-pay.


Like general urgent care clinics, our orthopedic Express Care locations offer flexible hours and take walk-ins. Usually, appointments can be made over the internet or via your smart phone with online registration, meaning that you can book an appointment en route the center, saving your time (and pain!).  Plus, orthopedic Express Care locations are specifically equipped and trained to address both occupational and sports-related orthopedic injuries.

Every day, people are exposed to mild to life-threatening injuries. At OrthoUnited, we know it’s not possible to wait for an appointment with a primary care physician, and the ER is simply not a practical option. Quick and suitable diagnosis and treatment is readily available at our orthopedic Express Care locations.

OrthoUnited values overall health and wellness of each individual patient. Our center provides a convenient, cost-effective option for those who require specialized care, quickly. To learn more about the benefits of an orthopedic Express Care, contact the experts at OrthoUnited. With state-of-the art MRI technology and an advanced surgical center, our facility houses everything necessary for complete care. For more information about disc degeneration and repair, or to schedule an appointment, call (844) 469-2663 or fill out our online appointment request form today.