The Benefits of Outpatient Orthopaedic Surgery vs. An Overnight Hospital Stay

It’s important to keep in mind that orthopaedic surgery aims to correct or greatly improve a condition or injury so that you can get back to living your best life. But even still, it’s completely understandable why so many people are intimidated or scared of having surgery of any kind.

One of the aspects of surgery that patients are often worried about is the fact that they will be confined to a hospital bed and a small, constricting room after the surgery. No one can be blamed for wanting to avoid an overnight or extended stay in a hospital. Our top-of-the-line outpatient surgery center is designed to get you home the same day as your surgery so you can start recovery in the comfort of your own home.

Our outpatient, or ambulatory, surgery center is operated by Ohio Specialty Surgical Suites (OS3) and is the first ambulatory surgical center in the country to receive advanced certification for total hip and knee replacement by the Joint Commission. It is also the first center of its kind in Northeastern Ohio and offers state-of-the-art care, board-certified orthopaedic surgeons, and a clean, modern atmosphere that offers everything you need in one location.

But you may be wondering, is outpatient care for surgery actually better than an overnight stay at a hospital? Here we outline the benefits of choosing outpatient surgery instead of an overnight hospital stay for orthopaedic surgery.

Outpatient Surgery is More Convenient

Woman recovering from outpatient knee surgery

Nothing is more convenient than your own home and a lot of people find hospitals to be dreary, stressful, and boring. Most patients want to have their operation and then do their best to continue their lives the way they want to. Outpatient orthopaedic care and home recovery can allow you to gradually ease back into life as you know it while surrounded by loved ones ready to help.

Let’s face it—not many enjoy spending time in a hospital, especially overnight. Plus, an overnight stay just means more money out of your pocket! Research shows that patients spend over 25% more time in a hospital setting than in an outpatient surgery center for the same procedure. There is also some promising evidence that home care can aid in the recovery process and decrease the likelihood of readmission. After all, spending time in a hospital surrounded by sick people increases the chances of you getting sick, too. On the contrary, our facility is kept immaculately clean and is specifically for orthopaedic surgery patients, so it’s much less likely that you’d catch something during your time here.

Not only that, but our surgical center combines every aspect of care and recovery into one convenient location. That means you can get your procedure done in the same place where you get an MRI, X-Rays, physical therapy, and more. There is nothing more convenient than ambulatory orthopaedic surgery at OrthoUnited.

Cut Down on Hospital Bills

Did you know that outpatient surgeries, likely including orthopaedic surgery, generally cost less than an overnight hospital visit? Recent studies show that the difference can be substantial since you’re not taking up a room after surgery.

Recovery is Less Stressful at Home

Man recovering from foot injury at home

Let’s face it, hospitals can induce anxiety and can bring back memories of illnesses and injuries for you and your loved ones. Most people prefer their home to a hospital because it adds some much-needed comfort and familiarity to the recovery process. You do not have to adjust to new schedules and routines and can be with your loved ones who are ready to help you when needed. In fact, there is plenty of evidence that being with friends and family can be great for mental health and well-being, and some experts believe it could help with recovery time and healing.

When you are at home you can watch your own movies and television, access whatever books you like, and talk to your favorite people in an environment that is your own. At a hospital, recovery can feel less comfortable and it can be difficult to pass the time without worry. Nurses enter and exit freely and doctors occasionally check up on you, dissolving any semblance of normalcy.

Scheduling Outpatient Surgeries is Easier

In hospital settings, there will inevitably be emergency surgeries and unexpected operations that can delay a scheduled surgery. That postponed surgery could be yours, which means the road to healing is that much more delayed. In an outpatient setting like Ohio Specialty Surgical Suites, this is much less likely because we stay on a set schedule.

Choosing OrthoUnited for Advanced Outpatient Surgery

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to avoid overnight hospital stays in favor of outpatient orthopaedic surgery. Home is truly where the heart is, and an ambulatory surgical center can get you back there faster.

We are proud of our advanced surgery center and are devoted to helping you through the process of getting surgery. If you have any questions, concerns, or want to make an appointment, feel free to contact us today!