When is it Time for Orthopaedic Surgery?

Are you finding yourself doubled over because of pain? Does it keep you from walking upstairs, grocery shopping, or even sleeping? If you said yes to either of those questions, it may be time for you to consider orthopaedic surgery. Though joint discomfort is common among older adults, it doesn’t have to be your new normal. There are non-surgical methods for rehabilitation and pain management, but ultimately, orthopaedic surgery may be what you really need.

When it’s finally time to jump in and go for the surgery, you can count on OrthoUnited to provide you with an outstanding experience that’ll have you saying, “I should’ve had surgery years ago!”

Initial Signs That It’s Time for Surgery

Here are some additional signs that you should consider orthopaedic surgery:

  • Chronic pain (lingering pain that lasts for more than 48 hours with no improvement)
  • Difficulty participating in regular activities (walking upstairs, completing daily activities, standing)
  • Range of motion is limited
  • Feeling unstable while getting up, standing, or walking
  • Soft tissue injury that has not shown any sign of improving

What OrthoUnited Can Do For You

OrthoUnited treats a variety of injuries, conditions, and disorders. Some believe it is easier to live with pain rather than find a cure. By doing this, people can create more damage to their injury, making the procedure more complicated for the surgeons to perform.

Delaying surgery can also make recovery more extensive and cause broken bones, or torn ligaments to heal improperly, more so limiting range of motion and causing a greater amount of irritation that can last for a lifetime.

Surgery is a last resort recommendation when medication, injections and physical therapy are no longer tending to your pain or condition, making the surgery even more beneficial to your everyday life. That being said, a surgeon’s recommendation for surgery should be taken seriously.

Learn More About Your Diagnosis and Procedure

On our website, you can find information on every single injury, condition, or disease that we treat. Learning more about your condition can help you understand the significance of surgery, as well as the impact it could have on your life.

Questions on the surgery process? On our website not only can you learn more about your condition, but you can also get more familiar with our doctors, their specialty and their philosophies. We have done our best to provide information that will help you educate on how to prepare for your surgery, understand what will be happening during the procedure and what to expect after. Click here to learn more about what to expect with outpatient surgery.

Request a Consultation for Orthopaedic Surgery

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