Five Ways to Get Calcium into Your Diet This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to be with family and friends, enjoy the great weather, and do outdoor activities. But it’s also a good time to evaluate your lifestyle and what steps you can take to be healthier. Let’s start by looking at your calcium intake. Calcium is crucial for our muscle and bone health, and people who are deficient can develop serious conditions such as osteoporosis. As the summer months kick in, talk to your doctor about your calcium intake.  If you need to take in more calcium, these delicious summer treats make following doctor’s orders fun!

1. Smoothies

Lying by the pool or going on long walks, is there a better way to cool down than with a chilled smoothie?  Smoothies are a nutritious and tasty treat that will help boost your calcium intake. Make sure to add non-fat yogurt or non-fat milk and lots of frozen fruits to get a variety of nutrients. If you are adventurous, consider adding calcium-rich veggies such as kale to the mix.  Mix up and enjoy!

2. Salads

Salads are a healthy and nutritious meal option that are light but fulfilling. You can make dozens of different salads because based on your favorite ingredients. If you are looking for a way to add calcium into your diet, consider leafy greens like spinach, kale, collard greens, and Swiss chard to your meals. These leafy greens are packed with calcium along with tons of other vitamins that are great for healthy bones.  Search out a recipe for a great yogurt or butter-milk based dressing for added calcium.

3. Yogurt

Yogurt is a great snack because it’s cooling and tastes great, plus it packs a calcium punch.  Add nuts, honey, granola or even peanut butter for a fun yogurt mash-up for breakfast, lunch or a satisfying twilight meal.

4. Ice Cream

It is impossible to think about summer without thinking about ice cream! It’s a delicious snack that is great on a hot summer day. But isn’t ice cream unhealthy? Well, that depends. If you choose ice cream packed with sugar and calories, then yes, you might want to pass. However, if you do a little research and find ice creams that are low in calories, fat, and sugars, then have at it! Make sure to look at the nutritional information before purchasing your ice cream and choose the healthier options. See if there is a local dairy or creamery that makes hand-churned old-fashioned ice milk. You will be too busy enjoying your yummy snack to even remember that it’s a good source of calcium!

5. Figs

Figs are great source of calcium and dietary fiber. Your local grocery will likely carry them as is or dried out. Although you can eat them as is, adding figs to your fruit salads will give a unique kick to the taste that you are sure to love. Add this calcium-rich fruit to your diet this summer to get healthier without compromising on taste.

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