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The elbow joints, or hinge joints in your elbows, connect the upper arm and forearm. Your elbows allow you to move your forearms and hands away from your body. Without your elbows, you would not be able to perform basic functions such as carrying, lifting, throwing, or pushing.

Since these hinge joints are used for so many motions, they are susceptible to injury from overuse or repetitive stress. The elbow specialists at OrthoUnited can help determine the right course of treatment for your elbow injury and get you back to enjoying the activities you love.

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Common Elbow Injuries & Conditions We Treat

  • Pitcher’s Elbow - Also known as medial epicondyle apophysitis, pitcher’s elbow is most common in young baseball players due to overuse and/or repetitive stress to the elbow joint.
  • Golfer’s Elbow - A form of elbow tendonitis, golfer’s elbow presents as pain and inflammation in the tendons that connect the forearm to the elbow. It’s similar to tennis elbow and is not limited to golfers.
  • Tennis Elbow - Also known as lateral epicondylitis, tennis elbow occurs from overuse of the tendons that connect your forearm to your elbow. Contrary to golfer’s elbow, pain from tennis elbow presents on the outside of the elbow.
  • Cubital Tunnel Syndrome - Too much pressure put on the ulnar nerve (commonly known as the funny bone nerve) can lead to numbness and tingling of the fingers and hand, and pain in the forearm.
  • Arthritis - Arthritis of the elbow develops as the cartilage in the elbow joint becomes worn out or damaged.
  • Bursitis - Elbow bursitis develops when the bursa, or fluid-filled sac located at the boney tip of the elbow becomes inflamed.
  • Tendonitis - Similar to golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow, elbow tendonitis forms when the tendons connecting the forearm to the elbow become inflamed from overuse or repetitive stress.

Our elbow experts treat these injuries and conditions by first performing a comprehensive evaluation of the affected area and ordering diagnostic testing to ensure an accurate diagnosis. We then use the most innovative and minimally-invasive techniques, including joint injections, cryotherapy, anti-inflammatory medications, and rehabilitation to help eliminate your pain and significantly improve your range of motion.

If physical therapy and other nonsurgical treatments prove insufficient, surgery may be necessary. In that case, our board-certified orthopaedic surgeons are trained and equipped to successfully perform a wide range of surgical procedures including arthroscopic repair.

You needn’t let elbow pain prevent you from enjoying your normal activities. At OrthoUnited, our elbow specialists can relieve your pain and improve your lifestyle. To learn more, call us at (844) 469-2663 or use the online appointment request form.

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